PPC Retargeting / Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the fastest growing channels of paid engagement – primarily because it works!

You may have experienced remarketing at some point.  Perhaps you visited a website, looked at a product or service and moved on with your day.  Suddenly, you start seeing advertisements everywhere you go for that website!  You might ask yourself “What’s happening?” or “Is this just a coincidence?”

Remarketing refers to a very broad, nuanced and complex set of paid advertisements that are triggered when users meet a certain set of criteria associated with your website.  We create the ‘rules’ for what the key actions are, which might be visiting a certain services page, adding an item to a cart, or visiting checkout.  After an appropriate amount of time has passed without the customer coming back to purchase, we can re-engage the interested party with a range of strategies including AdWords graphic remarketing, e-mail remarketing, video remarketing, text remarketing – and more!

When used properly, a well-oiled remarketing campaign can convert users who we know are more engaged – and more likely to convert.  In other words, ad dollars spent targeting these users ripest for conversion.

The PPC Gurus offers complete retargeting services, including campaign development and management services.  Our experience allows us to optimize these types of campaigns quickly and report accurately of the effectiveness of your retargeting dollars.