Facebook & Social Media Ads

Facebook is another rapidly growing channel for advertisers. They have one of the most advanced algorithms for interest-specified targeting, which allows the experienced marketer to to target people who are a good match for your product your business because of who they are, what they do online, and their interests. The average Facebook user spends 50 minutes per day on the social media network!  Facebook can be a great way to get your business in a place that your potential customers are already spending their time.

Advertising on Facebook [as well as other social media platforms] does come with challenges, though.  Foremost, what some PPC service organizations won’t tell you is that not every business is cut out for profitable social media advertising! 

Second, as social media advertising offerings have grown, the complexity of managing them has increased. These platforms are developing so quickly that changes are frequent, and it is a job in-and-of itself to keep up with these changes – and ensure that a campaign is profitable along the way.. Our Facebook Ads Management takes care of setting up and optimising your campaign exactly how you want it and who you want it targeted to, and we constantly refine and improve your campaign’s efficiency.  Thus, leaving you free to get on with serving the leads it generates without having to worry about the exact logistics of the campaign.

The PPC Gurus free audit includes an analysis of whether Facebook or other social media advertising might be right for your business, and a description what an early campaign might look like.  If it isn’t something we’re confident that we can make profitable for you quickly, we will tell you so!  Are you confident that the high-pressure-sales guys from other PPC companies will do the same?