Best practices of Pay Per Click Management for your needs

Our expertise and years of experience span all of the major PPC channels and many lesser-known channels of growth.

  • Google AdWords

  • Bing Ads

  • Yahoo Gemini Network

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Other Social Media channels

  • Amazon Sponsored Ads

  • …and a lot more!

What can the PPC Gurus do for me?

If you are searching for excellent PPC management services that will take your business to the next level at a reasonable cost, your search ends here at The PPC Gurus. With more than a decade of internal PPC management experience, we are able to provide balanced and effective services for a range of service and product-oriented business types.

Every business is different, and thus has different needs, goals and budget to achieve success.  Our experience – which, over the years, has involved trying other firms out ourselves – has shown us that the average firm wants to charge you thousands of dollars to implement the same A-B-C “maintenance” strategy that they apply to all clients.  At PPC Gurus, we take the time to learn about your demographics, the nuances of the way your customers shop and the unique challenges your business contends with.  We then plan a short, mid and long term strategy intended to overcome and optimize based on these dimensions and execute the plan with speed and precision.

Let us share our experience with you.  Our FREE audit will show you why we are the best in class.  We guarantee you will learn something new about your business – and it won’t cost you a penny.

Pay Per Click Essential Professional Premium Enterprise
PPC Advertising Networks
Google Adwords Network
Google Search Network (reach people who search in Google Search Bar)
Google Display Network (reach people to your industry websites, blogs, videos, etc )
Google Remarketing (reach people who visited your website previously)
Google Product Listing Ads PLA’s (Mandatory : Google Merchant Account) If Applicable If Applicable If Applicable
Bing Network
Facebook Network
Linked In
Setup Fee (One Time)
Ongoing Consulting for PPC Success
A Complete Analysis of Your PPC Advertising History If Applicable If Applicable If Applicable If Applicable
Set Initial Expectations & Specific Goals
Design & Build Proper Campaigns for Search,
Display & Remarketing Network
Entire Campaign Optimization, Highly Structured and Targeted Campaigns
Perform a Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection
Build and Implement a Comprehensive Negative Keyword List
Proper Keyword Categorization
Creative & Effective Ad Copy – Multiple Ads Per AdGroup for Testing
Landing Page Optimization Suggestion
Landing Page Creation/Designing* Extra Charge Extra Charge Extra Charge Extra Charge
Call To Action (CTA) Optimization Suggestion
Call To Action Creation/Designing* Extra Charge Extra Charge Extra Charge Extra Charge
Ad Scheduling and Geographical Targeting
Creative Banner Creation/Designing* Extra Charge Extra Charge Extra Charge Extra Charge
Integrate Location, Social, Call, Sitelinks, etc Extensions if needed
Mobile Ads & Bid Optimization* (If website is mobile responsive)
Conversion Tracking & Remarketing Code Installation
Ongoing Account Management
Emergency Page Creation Extra Charge Extra Charge Extra Charge Extra Charge
*Call Tracking Extra Charge
Click Fraud Tracking Extra Charge
Competitor Tracking Extra Charge
A Dedicated Account Executive for Questions, Concerns and Ideas
Ongoing PPC Strategy Development
Continual Bid & Position Monitoring to Achieve Desired Results
Ongoing Keyword Performance Analysis, Additions & Deletions
Ongoing Competitors Tracking with Auction Analysis
Ongoing Ad Copy Analysis and Testing
Continued Conversion Tracking Analysis
Work to Increase Higher Conversion Rates, Higher CTR, and Quality Scores
Competitor Tracking, Research and Benchmarking
A/B Landing Page & CTA Split Testing
Work to lower CPA (cost per acquisition)
*$25 Setup Fee + Actual Usage


Do you have specific requirements?  Just send us details!