Amazon is another channel where the team at The PPC Gurus has unparalleled expertise.  We have been running stores for ourselves [and our clients] for more than 8 years, and we have actually worked with Amazon in the development new programs like the Amazon Brand Registry and vast improvements to the effectiveness and usability of existing offerings like the Amazon Webstore and the Seller Central Interface.

Of course – being The PPC Gurus – we offer sponsored ads management for Amazon Sellers.  We can offer much more than just that, though – we have a full service Amazon management program that we call A-MAP [Amazon Manufacturer Advantage Program].  For years, we have partnered with several clients in a variety of industries to manage their brand and presence on Amazon.

While we can customize a package for any brand or sellers’ needs, our most successful partnerships have been in situations where we do not charge for the services rendered, but instead grow the brand and carry the inventory in the channel.  That’s right – if the partnership is right for both of us, we will do the work for free AND buy your product to sell in this channel!  Our success is the success of your brand on Amazon!

Our range services can include:

  1. Curation of Amazon product detail pages for your entire catalog. The title, image, key product features, product details, and descriptions will be managed by our Amazon specialists. The goal of this management is to increase traffic, conversion and brand recognition/loyalty with new and existing customers.
  2. Management of the back-end Keyword Interface. We will employ a variety of keyword strategies to help grow your brand and beat the competition. Keywords will be analyzed, weighted, and rotated (as needed) on a monthly basis for each of your products.
  3. A stable, retail-friendly price point. We will price your product line at an agreed upon price point and we will not deviate from these price points without your permission.
  4. Uninterrupted product availability. We will carry the entire agreed upon product line at quantities that will ensure your titles don’t run out of stock – even during the busiest times of the year. (Note: It may take our software a short time to predict run rates accurately.)
  5. MAP Monitoring. Our proprietary software will monitor every one of your products 24 hours a day in search of pricing anomalies. If a distributor violates the agreed upon price point, we will be notified and take appropriate action.


Do you have specific requirements?  Just send us details!