9 of the Most Essential PPC Tips for Boosting Holiday Sales

Get more from your pay per click ads this holiday season by implementing these 9 simple tweaks.

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means so are holiday specials. As Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year creep up on us, it’s time to kick your PPC campaigns into overdrive.

No matter if you’re a restoration company or an e-commerce business, there are changes that need to be made during holiday seasons to adjust to the season & consumers. To make planning a little easier & help you capitalize on sales during the holidays, check out these 9 PPC tips.

1) How Did Your PPC Account Do Last Year?

Assuming that changes were made to keywords, bids, and ads, take a look back at how they did.

Was the timing for certain promotions effective? By learning from last year’s data, you can continue to make improvements to ad copy, the keywords that were used, and your bidding strategy. This is why you need to start planning early, because a lot of the success of PPC campaigns during the holiday season is dependent on timing.

Timing is Everything
Perfectly time your PPC campaign this year with this chart from Think With Google

2) Create a Separate Campaign for the Holidays

If you haven’t previously used PPC to take advantage of the holiday season then you’ll have to start from scratch and won’t have the benefit of being able to compare data from other years. No worries though, the next tips will help you catch right up.

To get you started, make sure that you’re creating a separate campaign instead of using the same one you have been. Why? Because you don’t want to make temporary changes to a campaign that is being used for the other 10 months out of the year. It also helps you stay more organized.

3) Increase Your Budget & Certain Keyword Bids

If you can expect a lot more searches for your product or service during the holidays, that should be a sign that you need to increase your budget in order to maintain the same impression share that you’ve had. By using your account’s performance history, you can gauge where your budget should be set at to meet an increase in demand.

For setting keyword bids, use Auction Insights and Google Trends.

Although you won’t be able to tell how much competitor A & B are bidding on for select keywords, if you frequently check your Auction Insights you’ll be able to tell who is catching up and if someone is now consistently beating you.

To get an accurate estimate of how keywords are affected throughout the year and in past years, you can use Google Trends.

Google Trends' Chart
Use Google Trends to see how your keywords do throughout the year

4) Change Ad Copy

Tailor your ads to make them stand out. Adding deals, discounts, and creating a sense of urgency will attract customers to your site and is effective in increasing conversion rates. One way to create a sense of urgency is by mentioning the deadline for the deal, for instance “Sale Ends This Friday” or “Black Friday Sale Only.”

Even if you use certain deals and specials all year long, make people believe that the sale is only being offered around the holidays.

5) Change Ad Extensions

It’s also important that you don’t keep the same ad extensions. Ad extensions will drive higher CTR’s for your ads, but if the ad copy doesn’t relate it can be confusing for customers. So if you’ve changed the wording of your ads, you should write ad group level ad extensions that correspond to the copy in your ads.

  • Callout extensions can be used to highlight the exact deal or discount being offered or highlight the products and services that the deal applies to.   Example of a Callout Extension
  • Use structured snippet extensions, the newest ad extension, to showcase categories, such as types of clothing or brand names.

Example of a Structured Snippet Extension

6) Have a Mobile Strategy

According to Google’s Senior Vice President of Search, Amit Singhal, Google is now receiving more than half of all its searches worldwide from mobile phones.

So while desktop usage continues to shrink, it will become increasingly important for advertisers to reach consumers using mobile phones. Fortunately for PPC advertisers, Google AdWords and Bing Ads make it easy for consumers to target mobile devices.

7) Use Remarketing to Bring Potential Customers Back

Creating remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network can help you target potential customers that failed to make a purchase. Instead of giving up on people that abandoned your site, you can create lists based off of the products and services that they were viewing.

This is particularly effective with e-commerce companies because you can display the specific products that consumers were viewing.

8) Holiday-Themed Landing Pages

Give your website a new look for the holidays by switching up your landing pages.

Tools like Unbounce and Wishpond help you create more relevant landing pages so that you can improve your quality score. Plus, holiday-themed landing pages just look cooler.

Holiday-Themed Landing Page

9) Cohesive Planning

To really see a significant spike in sales during the holidays, PPC can’t be the only part of the equation. Send out emails, create blogs, use social media, and other marketing tactics in conjunction with PPC to maximize your return.

Wrapping It Up

If implemented, these 9 tips will help you achieve a successful holiday sales season. But now it’s time to start planning…

If you have a question or any insights on the blog, leave a comment below.

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